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Brain-dead pastor comes back to life, congregation excited to welcome him home

As doctors got ready to take him to the OR, the unthinkable happened. Ryan's feet began to move to the sound of his kids.

WILKESBORO, N.C. — It's been an emotional few months for the congregation of Grace Baptist Church of North Wilkesboro. 

Their Pastor, Ryan Marlow has been fighting back from an infection that nearly took his life. 

"He has been there for us through everything, through the loss of family members, and for the birth of our children, and just every trial that we've went through and through the happy times he's been there for us, and he invests his life into our church," church member, Lindsay Speaks said. 

The congregation says it's time they're present for him and his family who have been through a lot. Just seven months ago, Meghan Marlow thought she said goodbye to her husband Ryan for the last time. 

"He was on life support because he was an organ donor and so they were leaving him on life support to find matches," said Marlow. 

As doctors got ready to take him to the OR, the unthinkable happened. Ryan's feet began to move to the sound of his kids.

"I just kind of cleared everybody out of the room and I told him. I said if you're in there you're gonna have to fight because I'm getting ready to stop everything and I'm gonna fight out here, so you have to fight in there and he did," Marlow explained. 

After spending months in the hospital, Ryan in now in recovery mode at home. Friends and family are both sharing and learning from his miracle. 

"It has opened my eyes to see there's a lot of petty stuff that I don't need to get upset about and there's a lot of things that I need to just let go because in the grand scheme of life, it doesn't matter," said Ryan's friend, Courtney Cleary. 

Since Ryan was admitted into the hospital back in August, thousands have been following his journey. 

Saturday at 11, they will celebrate the faith leader's homecoming with a drive by parade. 

"It is have you heard Ryan's home? Have you heard we're having the parade Saturday? Look what's happening! Look what God's done. We are all thrilled. He is the talk of the town in a good way," exclaimed Cleary. 

While there's a long road ahead, Ryan's church congregation is rejoicing that their leader has a new testimony. 

As the man who preaches of miracles, gets one of his own. 

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