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Good, Clean Fun: Burlington Woman Creates Art With Power Washer

Maybe you used sidewalk chalk as a kid, but this woman is taking pavement art to the next level.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — To most people, a power washer isn't the ideal birthday gift. Sure, it's useful here and there, but you'd probably prefer something else like a nice shirt, or the newest iPhone or a cake. Well that's not the case for Dianna Wood.

Wood lives in Burlington. For her, there's nothing more satisfying than watching the dirt fall away from stuff out in the yard. What better way to do that than cranking up the power washer?

Wood's husband got her a power washer for her birthday this year. Over the past month, she used it on everything: the patio, the fence, shutters and even garbage cans.

When it came to cleaning the driveway, she knew it would take a little more time. But Wood welcomed the idea, using it as in opportunity for an art project.

She started with word art. Words like 'love', 'joy', 'peace' and 'truth'. She power washed some good vibes into her home's concrete, sharing with her neighborhood.

Then she stepped her game a little bit. She started making cardinals, owls, flowers, butterflies and more.

Hundreds have commented on the photos she posted on Facebook.

Wood says she has a technique to it all, raising and lowering the tip of the wand to achieve different gradients on the pavement. Most importantly, she does NOT use any stencils.

When she's finished, she has something truly special and unique. And though the images may fade over time, her creativity certainly will not.


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