GREENSBORO, N.C. -- One of the keys to successfully caring for your loved one is making sure your home is safe and allows your loved one to be as independent as possible. Scott Silknitter from Caregiving 101 and Tom Garcia from Southern Evergreen teamed up to show you how adjusting your carpet can help you achieve that goal.

Falling is a major safety concern for the elderly, so you should remove every physical obstacle you can including bumps in your carpet. For someone with Parkinson’s who shuffles their feet, someone with dementia who has limited depth perception or someone who uses a walker, a hump in the carpet can be a serious fall hazard.

The number one reason carpets get those bumps is an installer used a tool that allows them to quickly install, but does not effectively stretch the carpet as it should be. Over time, the humps appear.

The fix is to call a contractor who uses a power stretcher that reaches all the way across a room to properly re-stretch the carpet.

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