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An open discussion about our constitution and what it means today.

The International Civil Rights Center and Museum is holding virtual chats with the experts and you're invited.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Professor Will Harris knows a thing or two about the U.S. Constitution. He's been teaching classes at the collegiate level on the subject for years. He says it is time for all of us to look at the document objectively in today's climate.

"The Constitution is a living document since it was set up to help us design a basic blueprint for our society and it has undergone multiple changes and moldings over the years. Some of those mistakes are now coming back to haunt us in today's world" said Harris.

The discussion will be Zoom based and are open to the public. Harris says he hopes that an open discussion can lead to reform and changes that according to him are a necessity for our country to avoid a system-wide collapse down the road.

The constitution day discussions are their Thursday and Friday and you can find out more at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum online.