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Calling all true crime junkies! There’s a reason why you can’t get enough of those crime shows.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb has the science behind the fascination with crime shows.

More businesses opening across the triad. The hard-hit movie theaters are opening up, and people are starting to head to the big screen. There are many genres of movies and TV shows. It seems that many people have taken an interest in true crime. 

In the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, research shows that more women than men are drawn to true crime. And women tend to buy more true crime books if the victim is a woman.

One possibility that women are drawn to true crime is to learn signs of dangerous people and staying away from protecting themselves and their families. Another reason might be figuring out how to defend themselves physically.

Another reason people might be interested in true crimes is it’s the ultimate who did it. Think about shows like CBS’ 48 Hours; they present the information as a puzzle where you have to figure out what happened next. You want to solve the mystery of what happened, who did it, and why.

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