CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- How does a wine and cheese ladies’ night sound? Or a mommy’s day out? Maybe a Charcuterie date night? Now, add a gun to the equation.

Shooting ranges across our area are launching these events, hoping to get women behind the trigger. It’s working; more women than ever before are buying guns. NBC Charlotte tagged along for date night at Blackstone Charlotte.

“It’s new adventure for both of us,” said Danielle Johnson, who brought her boyfriend Robert. “It’s lots of fun,”

It might not be candlelit romance, but, hey, there’s wine.

“We try to incorporate a bunch of things to make it more inviting to ladies to come in, because it can be really intimidating at first,” said Corey Brausch, an employee at Blackstone. “People think it’s a guy-driven environment. But now it’s so different, the girls want in on it, it’s totally a girl thing, too.”

NBC Charlotte called ranges across the Carolinas and found dozens of events exclusively for women like Mommy’s morning out, ladies’ night and wine tastings. Most are new, and most are selling out.

“It’s been a hit so far,” Brausch said. “We’re booked out through June.”

And no, it’s not just the Charcuterie that’s drawing women to the range.

“Lots of moms really, protecting their cubs,” Johnson said.

These momma bears, with tight scrunchies and fresh manicures told NBC Charlotte they're being drawn more than ever to guns because of the world we live in.

“You got to protect your babies,” Johnson said. “You gotta learn; you gotta know.”