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Dealing with life’s contradictions

Blanca Cobb shows us how to navigate contradictions that come up in your life and how they can also help you.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Actor Matthew McConaughey was recently interviewed on CBS Mornings about his children's book, "Just Because." The book is about life's contradictions. An example on the book's website is, "Just because I'm shaking, doesn't mean that I'm not steady." Think about this for a minute: you can have the jitters and still knock something out of the park. Nervousness is a natural feeling when trying something new or something you know well. You can still succeed if you're jittery.

You can learn what you're made of when facing a contradiction in your life. Even if you doubt yourself, you can still move forward.

You can accomplish more than you think in the face of contradictions, whether your own contradictions or those of others.

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