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How to make a Cheerwine slushie

With a little help from social media, Eric Chilton walks us through the frozen treat you can make at home!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — So, I was looking around social media recently when I suddenly stumbled upon a frozen glass of goodness the likes of which I've never seen. Why didn't someone tell me that a Cheerwine slushie was a thing and why didn't anyone tell me that you can make it at home!!

So, off I went to get the ingredients, which are very simple:


Ice cube tray

and a blender!

(Okay, if you want to make it a cocktail just add 1.5 ozs of bourbon when you put it in the blender....just sayin'.)

So, first, you pour Cheerwine in the ice trays and freeze them. Then place the cubes in the blender and blend away. You can add a little ice or more Cheerwine if you want the perfect consistency. 

Garnish with a fresh lime wedge and throw in a straw! You are good to go. Simple as that!