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Greensboro 9-year-old displays signs with kind words to cheer up neighbors

9-year-old Charlie is spreading joy in a time of uncertainty.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The roads are a lot quieter around Greensboro, but turn the corner in one neighborhood, and you'll see a message that's loud and clear. 

"You are truly amazing," reads a huge yellow-lettered sign in front of 9-year-old Charlie Thompson's home on Gatepost Court. 

The Greensboro 3rd grader said he wanted to do something to help keep spirits up in his neighborhood, so he's displaying kind messages in his yard every day. 

"The coronavirus makes people - tends to make people so sad and depressed...they don’t focus on happy things, so I put up the signs to make them feel more happy," said Charlie. 

Yesterday, Charlie put up a sign that read, "There is a light in everybody," and another day, he shared the message, "You are strong." 

Credit: Amber Graning
A neighbor shared a picture of one of Charlie's signs.

These are messages we all need to hear, especially in these uncertain times. 

Mom, Emily Thompson, says Charlie won't tell her which messages are coming up next because he likes keeping it a secret.

One thing that isn't a secret, is how proud mom is that her son is choosing to spread kindness at a time when people need it most. 

"My husband and I are so proud of him. This is his thing. It's what he wants to do and it speaks to who he is - who he has always been," said Emily. 

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