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Halloween fun for kids of all ages

As much fun as the night can be, trick or treating might be a bit scary for some little ones.

Trick or treating is back this year. Many children pick out their costumes and carve pumpkins with mom or dad, all in anticipation of Halloween. As much fun as the night can be, trick or treating might be a bit scary for some little ones.

Answering the door for young trick or treaters is different than for older children. When little children come walking to your door, turn down any scary Halloween music, keep lights on, and use your normal tone of voice, not a scary one. You might be playful, but the little ones can get scared quickly.

For young trick or treaters who are a bit hesitant to walk up to someone’s door, you, as a parent, can help your children get more comfortable by visiting neighbors’ homes that your little one knows. Maybe trick or treating with other parents whose children are friends with your little ones. Walk up to the door with your child. You want to praise your little one for any attempt that they make walking up to the door. Use a flashlight to keep plenty of light in their view. When parents can help minimize anything that can frighten their kids, it increases the chances that their little ones will trick or treat. Perhaps, your little one would be more comfortable going to houses that aren’t crowded with other kids.

Older children's trick or treating is different on various levels. Many times, teens aren’t intentionally scaring the little ones. The teens are just doing their thing, but they can be loud and play pranks on each other as they’re walking around the neighborhood. And the young kids might be around and see or hear it. Ask your teens to be watchful for little ones who might be around.

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