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North Carolina teenager bringing joy to premature babies one hat at a time

Kamdyn Morton received the Girl Scout Gold Award from her Girls Scout Troup after completing a project that would provide beanie hats for premature babies.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — A Huntersville teenager is being praised after handmaking hundreds of hats for premature babies

“This is the highest award any girl scout can receive," Morton said.

After completing 100 service hours and volunteering for more than a year, Kamdyn Morton, a Junior at North Mecklenburg, handmade 340 hats specifically for preemie babies with the help of Cheers To Ewe and Knit One, Stitch Too in Huntersville.

“You have to do a project that at the end of your project is self-sustainable without you being in it so it can move on and continue to thrive without you," Morton said.

 “I found out that heat is lost fastest off of the top of your head in humans and you would think that would be an easy fix but a lot of the people that donate to the NICU give hats that are made to fit regular babies instead of preemies so, therefore, they go to waste.”

Kamdyn said it only took her four months to make the hats.

Thanks to her efforts, preemie babies in the NICU at Novant Hospital in Huntersville will have warm yet unique beanie caps to protect their heads after delivery.

“To earn the award I was really happy that I was able to get it," Morton said.

“To be able to reach out to families that I may never know but I know the impact that I’ve made on them and the service I’ve done for them was also something I enjoyed.”

A young high school student helping the smallest of humans during COVID-19.


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