COLORADO -- It was never billed as a dating service but that didn't stop folks from making love connections through AOL's Instant Messenger.

"One night I went on AOL and I was in a chat room," said Tracey Hosier. "I put in there that I was a single white female and that I was 32."

For those old enough to remember it might have looked something like this s/w/f/32/Colo in reply to this a/s/l.( age, sex, location)

Tracey shared her love story with 9NEWS after learning that the once popular chat service is being discontinued later this year.

She met her husband Joe through AIM in 2003-- long before online dating became the thing it is today.

"I got a popup that says that he was a single white male from Colorado and he was 38, and we just started chatting a little bit online," Tracey told 9NEWS.

They exchanged numbers and their first phone call lasted for hours according to Tracey.

"He asked me to go the Metallica concert for our first date and I told him he was nuts," she said. "I don't know this man, I'm not going to go to Metallica, I love Metallica but I don't know you!"

Eventually they did meet up in person at Clement Park.

"My mom was nervous, I always gave my mom phone numbers. This is where I'm going this is who I'm meeting. She was always nervous for me because like you said 13 years ago that [online dating] was not the norm."

They became fast friends and soon began dating. They've now been married for 11 years and own a Pudge Brothers Pizza franchise together.

Several other 9NEWS viewers also shared their love connections on our Facebook page.

"It's kind of like, oh its another thing that's being taken over by something else," said Tracey. "My son's like AOL what's that? I'm like shut up!"

The AIM chat service was extremely popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. It was announced on Friday that it will be retired later this year because it's no longer sustainable.