PHOENIX — Two senior dogs are experiencing what it's like to be spoiled for the first time.

After a decade bouncing between temporary homes and shelters, Mohave and Nellie now have a permanent family and home in the West Valley.

Arizona animal advocates started a push to get the 10-year-old dogs adopted earlier this month. For the last couple of weeks, Mohave and Nellie waited at Second Home Pet Resort in Phoenix for their fur-ever family to come around.

Mohave and Nellie were found wandering in the desert in September 2008. Both dogs were terrified and Mohave was even injured.

Now, the bonded pair gets to spend the rest of their lives being spoiled and loved.

mohave and nellie adopted 2_1533066144846.png.jpg
Mohave and Nellie were found in the Arizona desert in 2008 and have spent the last decade up for adoption. Photo: Second Home Pet Resort