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Create new life laws: Youday!

Coach LaMonte explains why creating new life laws leads us to a place of total life fulfillment.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When was the last time you established new laws for your life? I like to believe we are all law abiding citizens.

Well I'd like to believe we are! However, there are some laws that exist that we don't have to place too much thought in. 

Take for example the laws of gravity. We don't think on it because it's something we already know is working. We aren't floating right? This is why laws are important because they create boundaries and create an explanation.

What laws are you unaware of you've created for your life? Well ask yourself are there personal boundaries you cross?

Or are there areas of your life that are operating by old experiences? Over time it is possible to apply old laws to a new lifestyle. This leads to staggered life growth. 

What you can potentially become is diminished by the old ways you approach your life. You must acknowledge that you are not the same person.

Yesterday's version of you no longer lives. The today version is crying out for your attention.

Remember that change is inevitable. Your new you must incorporate new laws which benefit the change that has taken place. Establishing new laws takes time and requires discipline.

However, if you are willing to develop a new life system it can open up doors to a new dimension of self. If you see the old way of approaching life is no longer beneficial this is life calling to you to implement a change. 

So are you willing to put the work in to live the life you want? Only you can answer that but if you are your life will never be the same.

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