ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) — A Virginia dog with terminal cancer is getting to live out his last months by performing some fun tasks.

Smoke, a 10-year-old hound mix, came to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA), from Southern Virginia, just one month ago.

Unfortunately, soon after Smoke was delivered to AWLA’s care, the Arlington center realized he had developed a tumor on his face.

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On Thursday, following a biopsy, the AWLA learned that Smoke had developed a deadly form of cancer.

While the cancer has been an unwelcome piece of news, it has not stopped the AWLA from working to make sure the next six months of Smoke’s life are extraordinary.

“We wanted to make his stay with us, while he was here, as happy as possible and we hoped that would continue into his new home,” said AWLA spokesperson Chelsea Lindsey. “So, we sat down with Smoke and we talked with him about what he might like to do while he's still here and we came up with his bucket list."

Smoke’s bucket list has more than 20 items. It includes going to the beach, going on a hike, meeting a celebrity and getting a professional photo shoot.

“For a 10-year-old dog that probably lived outside most of his life and never really knew the comfort of a home, he deserves it [the bucket list],” said Lindsey. “Almost more than anyone else, you know?"

Smoke has already struck some activities off his list too.

He has gotten to eat a cheeseburger. He even took a trip in a fire truck thanks to the help of the Arlington County Fire Department.

“We're going to give the disclaimer,” Lindsey said. “He only gets one [cheeseburger]."

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More items may be added to the bucket list too.

However, one is more important than all the rest.

"The most important thing on the bucket list is, of course, to find him a new a family," Lindsey said.

If you would like to adopt Smoke, Lindsey said feel free to drop by the AWLA’s location in Arlington’s Shirlington neighborhood.

The AWLA has also gotten a lot of people who want to help Smoke accomplish all his activities on the bucket list.

Unfortunately, everyone will not be able to get time with Smoke. So, the AWLA asks that interested persons check out Smoke’s wish list on Amazon.

You can find his wish list on Amazon by searching for “Animal Welfare League of Arlington.”