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Surprise! Family Rescues 2 Dogs While on Vacation, And Now They Have 17 Puppies

Coconut and Maisie were skin and bones when the Boltz family found them -- so they had no idea the dogs were pregnant.

A Colorado family that rescued two homeless dogs while on vacation in the Caribbean got quite the surprise when they returned home. 

Both dogs gave birth to a total of 17 puppies! 

The Boltz family found Coconut and Maisie during their trip. 

"They literally walked up and had these sad faces." 

The family couldn't help but fall in love. So they made plans to bring the dogs back to Colorado. 

Once home, Cococut and Maisie were gaining weight from a healthy diet and a loving home, or so they thought... 

Coconut gave birth to 10 puppies, and Maisie soon delivered seven puppies of her own. 

The family says Coconut and Maisie were skin and bones when they found them, so they had no idea the dogs were pregnant until much later. 

Combined with the two dogs the Boltz already own, the family now has a total of 21 dogs living with them! 

“It’s very overwhelming, but the support that we’ve gotten from our community, family and friends has been outstanding,” Kevin Boltz explained. “It’s totally worth it.” 


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