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Hospital Plays Song Throughout Building For Every Baby Born

Nurses say it makes everyone's day happier when the 10-second song rings out.

DUBLIN, Ga. — When you hear about the birth of a baby, it probably brings a smile to your face.

The folks at Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin want to share the good news about every delivery, with a few seconds of soothing sound.

Penny Wilkes has seen and heard a lot of babies in 22 years on the job. Crying and cooing are joyous sounds.

 "I mean, I feel like I come to work every day and see God every time I see a baby cry," she said with a smile.

But now, there is something else that resonates when a child comes into the world.

New moms push a button on their way off the delivery floor and out pops the song, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." 

We've just implemented it three months ago, and once it goes off, everyone in the hospital knows we've had a baby. When we see people in other places -- the cafeteria or wherever -- they can tell if we're having a busy day," Wilkes explained.

Lateisshia Floyd just brought her little blessing, Rory, into the world at 7 pounds 12 ounces. "They hear the song throughout the hospital. I didn't know -- very cool," she said.

Think about it -- most of us come to the hospital and they are not good times, but at Fairview Park Hospital, they've got 190 beds, and just a little song playing a couple of times a day can really brighten somebody's mood.

Karen Fountain is a nurse. "Even our visitors are aware of what it means," she said.

Fountain says just those few seconds of sound can put an extra bounce in her step.

"We occasionally sing with them or to them, and we have that done for us and it's just a happy moment," she said.

So the next time you're at Fairview, keep an ear out -- you'll know every time a new baby arrives.

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