GREENSBORO, N.C. — Dozens of people gathered across the city Thursday evening for a scavenger hunt for money, put on by a local escape room. The 'Breakout Games' geocaching event promised numerous $100 bills, hidden in various parks and downtown spots. Participants searched high and low, hoping to find the cash first. 

For one man, this event served as the perfect cover story for his elaborate proposal to his girlfriend. 

"She's just the light of my life, I mean she's everything," said Braven Burleson, about his girlfriend Merrick Brady. 

He said the proposal wasn't a matter of if, but when. So, he crafted a surprise engagement.

"She knows I love geocaching so I was like we have to do this," he explained, "I've been trying to find a way to propose to her and I just couldn't miss out on this opportunity."

Pretending to have won money through the city-wide scavenger hunt, Burleson told Brady to meet him downtown. 

"He finally texted me back, and shows me a picture where he had found one of the hundred dollar bills, and I was like oh my God! You found money!" said Brady, "He was like, yeah, babe I found it! And I was like where are you? Where is the money? He said, I'm right by the baseball stadium!"

Burleson told her the people who organized the event wanted to get pictures, inside the ballpark. But they were in on it, too. They are actually Braven's co-workers.

In the middle of taking the pictures, Burleson got down on one knee - revealing a diamond ring inside of a baseball bat. 

"I had no idea! Not an inkling or a clue at all," Brady said. 

The bride and groom-to-be say they couldn't be happier, having won their own kind of treasure hunt. 

The couple decided to get married next October, and have even started looking for venues.

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