The Wake Forest Baptist Health family got by bigger by six!

Nina Day, Bethany Stringer, Emily Johnson, Nikki Huth, Sabrina Hudson and Katie Carlton were all 18 to 37 weeks pregnant when we met them last summer.

The six nurses work within the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist Health.

Their baby bumps went viral when word spread they were pregnant at the same time, in the same unit.

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"There's 6 of us and it was 27 nurses at the time, that's like 20% of us were pregnant at the same time," said Carlton.

In chronological order, Day had her son Harrison Day on July 30, 2018; Stringer had her son Hudson Stringer on September 9, 2018; Johnson, a first-time mom, had her daughter Peyton Johnson on September 25, 2018; Huth, also a first-timer, had her son Wyatt on October 10, 2018; Hudson had her daughter Amelia Hudson on November 6, 2018; last but not least, Carlton had her son Chandler Carlton on December 5, 2018, a week before her due date.

Their patients called them the Fabulous Six-Pack, but it sounds like it's time to re-brand.
"It definitely needs to be the 12-pack now!" Carlton joked.

The six say their journey brought them even closer and that they're lucky to be going through it all together.

Most importantly, they're hopeful the babies will grow to be just as close.

"They're gonna be forced to be best friends whether they want to be or not," Carlton said.

Play dates and mommy dates are already in the works.