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YouDay: You can move mountains

Coach LaMonte knows mountains are tough to climb. Here's how to move the ones in your life.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many of you are currently facing mountains. Mountains of debt, of personal issues, of professional issues, or some sort of chaos. Whatever that mountain is standing before you just know it will remain until you confront it, conquer it, and eliminate it.

The mountain is there to intimidate you and call your bluff. It is time to fight, but to do so, it will take your internal power of faith. Understand that the mountain believes it has a right to remain in your life. There is a spiritual principle that empowers us to speak to the mountain and it will be moved. Use your voice and set a NEW declaration. Declare that mountain to move and then stand in the place where the mountain once stood and declare your victory!

The reason there are so many mountains rising up against you is that you have not used your internal power to overcome it. The mountain may seem big but it can't speak back to you when you speak to it. Declare today. The mountain is listening.

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