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YouDay: Taking responsibilities for your actions

Coach LaMonte says pro-blame becomes a way of life for many of us.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One thing is certain. No one will ever live life without at some point and time experience a problem great or small. We can not hide from problems because even in our hiding they will find us. I believe that problems are sent to not only reveal an issue but to teach us how we can fix said issue- and learn. The problem with many is self-responsibility. Many of us can never conquer a problem because we refuse to accept responsibility and tend to cast blame on others.

This blame becomes a way of life for many of us. We are accustomed to finding others to take responsibility for the events in our lives we don't understand. When we don't take responsibility it is hard for us to not only confront the issue but move on from it. This is solely because an issue left unidentified is an issue left to unresolved. Until we acknowledge an issue that issue will remain a central part of our current understanding and will alter the way we think, live, make decisions, and seek out the necessary help/advice to move beyond it.

It is hard to fix a problem with a pro-blame attitude. We will never conquer what we never confront, and never confront what we refuse to take responsibility for.-Coach LaMonte

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