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YouDay: MLK is more than speeches and quotes

Coach LaMonte reflects on the important messages Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered during his civil rights campaign.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When we look at the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., there are many lessons to learn. 

His life was more than speeches and quotes. It was a life well-lived, standing up for injustice and becoming a model for social justice and decency.

Today, you will see social media feeds filled with quotes from this great man, but how many of us are actually living the quotes we post? How many of us have become Dr. King's message?

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I wasn't alive to witness the marches and the history that was made, but I am a product of the sacrifice. As a black man, Dr. King was the example I modeled myself after.

The more I would grow and understand his impact, the more I would see a glimpse of him everywhere I went through others. He was the man in the barbershop. He was the man at the corner store. He was the man sitting in the church pew. He was the man I saw everywhere: Black men of all ages renouncing hatred and bigotry and marching in his own lane to do his job to make our communities better.

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As we look at our nation today, we see the importance of becoming his words. I invite everyone to study his life. Find your favorite quote and become that quote, allowing that message of love, peace, strength and empowerment to fill your souls with the truth. This is how we become the words of Dr. King.

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