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YouDay: Unlocking your thoughts to obtain life's greatest desires

Coach LaMonte shares how losing his keys helped him understand his faith and change his life forever.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — I am notorious for misplacing my keys. The more I say that I will find a way to fix this issue, the more I find myself getting worse. 

Whether in the car, my pants or jacket pockets, or even in the door lock itself, my keys have found themselves in odd locations. However, one day, misplacing my keys helped me to change my understanding of faith and eventually changed my life. 

I remember it like it was yesterday (honestly, I think I actually did misplace my keys yesterday). I was searching for my keys that I would later discover were misplaced in the couch. This would later unlock an understanding of faith I had never seen before.

What was invisible to me was visible to my couch. I learned a new definition of invisible that day. I learned that we we considered to be invisible, is actually "in" a place that is "visible" to the place where it is located. What that means is anything we desire to manifest in our lives is already visible in a place where it is clearly seen: our imagination, our creativity, or purpose and desire. It is our job to manifest it from the unseen to the seen. 

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In other words, whatever you desire for your life already exists. You just have to see it in order to see it. 

Remember, faith is an element which unlocks the invisible, granting the visible full permission to see it. Whatever it is in life that you desire, we must fully acknowledge that it already exists. What you desire is developed in the unseen, and faith is the superpower that manifests it into the seen. 

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So the question I have for you: What is invisible that you see and what is your life ready to unlock for you?

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