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Shoppers brave the pandemic for Black Friday deals

Big Box stores took special precaution to protect employees and customers from coronavirus on Black Friday. For some shoppers, the precautions weren’t enough.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — This time last year, shoppers were fighting their way through crowds to get Black Friday deals.

Well, what a difference a year and a pandemic makes.

The shopping season started off a lot different, while dealing with coronavirus concerns.

But the pandemic didn't stop dozens of folks like David Campbell from Black Friday shopping.

 "I just want to see what kind of deals they have in store,” Campbell said.

Campbell didn't stop by Best Buy for anything in particular, but said he's willing to take the risk of being exposed to the virus to see what deals they have.

“There's PPE and other protective equipment,” Campbell said. “Working in the health care field I have an experience with working with different things like this.”

There was a socially distanced line wrapped around the store.

Everyone wore mask, but that wasn't enough protection for Michael Scriven.  

"If I don't have to be around anybody I don't want to be,” Scriven said. “You don't know who's going to be coughing or sneezing so I'm good with where I'm at.”

Scriven took advantage of the stores online curbside shopping option.

He waited at his car in the parking lot until his items were brought out to him.

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Curbside pick is one example of how the traditional start to the holiday shopping season looks very different as Coronavirus cases continue to rise.

At Target there was a steady flow of customers but no lines.

Many other household retailers at the Wendover shopping plaza had signs out promoting huge savings, but not as much foot traffic as expected.