OLD ORCHARD BEACH (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- After losing her wedding ring in the waves at Old Orchard beach over the weekend, Amy Norton never thought she would see it again.

"It's gone," Norton said. "There's no way we were going to find it."

The mother of four had just finished applying sunscreen to her kids when her hand got caught on her shirt. In that moment, a wave came crashing in, taking her ring along with it.

"I felt it slip right off and I knew that was it." Norton said.

Norton and her family immediately tried to find it. She says the red algae and dead fish that had washed ashore made it almost impossible. With no luck, they decided to pack up the car and drive the two hours home to Madison.

"I went without it and I was devastated, it haunted me every night when I was sleeping," Norton said. "I kept thinking I've gotta go down one more time."

Norton's brother-in-law was more than willing to make the trip back with her. They grabbed their niece's metal detector and made the trip back to the beach. The pair and Norton's children spent nearly two hours walking the entire beach, digging anywhere the detector picked up on something.

One spot in particular made the detector beep like crazy. Norton's daughter Emilee continued digging while the rest of the group moved further down the beach.

Less than 15 minutes later, Emilee had them sweep over the dirt one more time.

"I found it!" Emilee said.

"Emily Grace you found it! Holy mackerel!" Norton said.

The two hugged and washed the ring off. Norton was finally able to display the piece of jewelry given to her all those years ago.

"Never in a million years did I think we would actually find it," Norton said. "It was like a needle in a haystack. I can't wait to tell my husband."