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Changing the way you think: Youday!

Coach Lamonte talks about how changing your perspective can impact your thinking.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We need a system, an immediate system that will determine if a thought we are processing is beneficial or will lead us down a path of mental calamity. With this system, we can monitor our thinking to determine a thought is healthy or unhealthy for our lives. We can simply do this by asking our minds key questions:

  1. Will this thought forge me forward or take me backward?
  2. Is this thought something I want to be manifest in my life?
  3. Where can this thought take my life if I continue to think about it?

So many of us are using our minds incorrectly. We are not taking advantage of mental creativity, wisdom, and utilizing our minds in a daily productive manner. We have a tendency of allowing our minds to wander and a mind that wanders is a mind that will lead us to places we can struggle to escape.

It is imperative that every thought be evaluated. Just because you think it doesn't mean the thought has to remain. It's time to take ownership over your mind and cease allowing the wrong ideas to fill the void where the new ideas should live. If your mind is anything like mine you will understand that what you think today is leading us somewhere. See it this way: your thoughts are a GPS system. The thoughts you focus on are driving your life in a direction expected or unexpected. That is why using this GPS system accordingly will protect you from avoidable circumstances. Your new GPS system is simple:

  • Guard your mind against thoughts that lead you to undesirable places.
  • Protect your vision/life by thinking about thoughts that bring great benefit to your life.
  • The systematic processing of thought is the only way to mental prosper.

Your mind should not be used as a place to keep you in bondage but a place that leads you to freedom. -Coach LaMonte. 

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