REIDSVILLE, N.C. — When Caleb Wrenn's sister, Leah, texted her little brother about his first day at Reidsville High School, she didn't expect to get a response like this:

"I sat alone at lunch and got lost three times," he texted her.

Leah tweeted out the text exchange after her brother told her he ate lunch alone because he didn't have any friends. Caleb said, "they think I'm a loser because I'm short." 

After seeing the now-viral tweet, some upperclassmen and student athletes stepped up and sat down with Caleb in the cafeteria. The football team's Twitter account shared this photo of several players posing with Caleb.

The team invited a smiling Caleb to join them for lunch but that was just the beginning of these new friendships. Several team members requested their lunch times be switched so they could always sit with the freshman student. 

Caleb said, "To all the people who pick on others I just wanna say, you may have been led down the wrong path but it's never too late to turn back and just love everyone because that's why God created us. To love each other," on his Twitter page.

Caleb's story is getting attention from celebrities. Jacob Tremblay, a Canadian actor who stared in Wonder and the upcoming film, Good Boys, also replied to Leah's tweet offering Caleb words of encouragement. 

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The original tweet has close to 70,000 likes and more than 28,000 retweets.

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