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Make the most of a Monday

Starting your week on the right foot can all depend on your mindset.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Monday isn’t many people’s favorite day of the week because it means back to work. Interestingly, today happens to be National Thank God It’s Monday Day. 

When many people cringe of Mondays, it’s a hard to believe that Mondays are celebrated by others.

It might be hard to imagine why anyone would want to change their perception of Mondays, particularly if they’re struggling because of the pandemic and don’t have much to look forward to. 

But, your mindset leads to the way to change. If you see Mondays as a continuation of struggle, despair, of wanting instead of having, then it’s like keeping a perpetual cloud storm above your head. You can wallow in the negativity, which will only make you feel bad, desperate, alone. 

When you reframe and consider Monday as the beginning – it is the beginning of the week. So, you can see it as a new beginning, new start, new way to tackle the week. It’ll change your mindset, your attitude about the week. 

Having a positive mindset is only one-half of the equation. You have to take action to get the changes you want. You have to take action to create a life you want. 

So, it’s definitely more than mindset, but mindset allows you to think, plan, prepare and you have to take action to accomplish. 

So, on Sunday night, plan what you want to accomplish on Monday or for the week. And tackle it. Look for a new job. Reach out to contacts and warm leads. Make the minor repairs in your house. Spend quality time with someone you love. Pick up the phone.

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