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My 2 Cents: Be kind to one another and yourself

Four 2 Five's Maddie Gardner shares her thoughts on how your best is good enough and to drop the your own expectations during this unconventional time.

Let’s be honest it’s been a long week and we can all be proud of ourselves for making it to Friday but there are some things I’m not too proud of and I’m about to get real with y’all. 

Am I proud that I’ve been working from home all week and my apartment looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in months? No. All those times I said my place wasn’t clean because I wasn’t home enough or didn’t have enough free time, yeah, I need a new excuse. 

Am I proud that I spend most of days with my sweat pants on, hair in a pony tail and no makeup? No. It’s not my best look but, hey, I’m still doing my job even if I’m not “ready.”

Life isn’t always pretty but we are living it! 

None of us were prepared for this. Nobody knows how to navigate a global pandemic. It’s a lot to handle. Everything has changed. 

So let’s ease up. Drop the expectations and be kind not just each other but ourselves. 

The best you can do is enough. 

That's 'My 2 Cents.'