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My 2 Cents: Why are we always in a hurry?

WFMY News 2's Lauren Coleman shares her thoughts on the importance of slowing down in order to make good decisions.

As humans we are always on the go.

Often in a rush.

I honestly lost count of the number of drivers who either cut me off or zoomed passed me on the interstate this week…  well above the speed limit.

Just yesterday, I found myself waiting impatiently at a red light.

It felt like an eternity, but I’m sure it was just a couple minutes.

But this make me think…

Why are we always in such a hurry?

The light eventually turned green and I made it to my destination.

Hopefully the folks speeding past me on the interstate got to where they needed to be safely.  

Rushing can sometimes have a negative impact on our lives.

It can cause us to make rash decisions.  

For example: 

Trying to move up the latter at work too quickly.

You may not gain the experience you need to prepare yourself for that leadership role.

Jumping into a relationship too fast.

You may not give yourself enough time to learn if the person you are dating shares your same values.

Or how about- living above your means.

Saving money for that nice car or home, may help in the long run.

 You’ll be able to enjoy the finer things in life without the extra debt and extra stress.  

No matter the scenario, slowing down and just taking a moment can give us clarity.

So just like driving, we’ll eventually get to our destination, but we want to make sure we get there with a clear head and better judgement.

That's My 2 Cents. 

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