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National Girlfriends Day

On August 1, women across the U.S. are encouraged to get together and celebrate their friendships.

Girlfriends are more important than people realize. We can develop close and tight-knit relationships with our girlfriends, whom we consider family. Girlfriends can be our confidantes who spill our secrets to. They understand, comfort us, hang out with us, act silly, and give us tough love when we need it. They can also be our partners-in-crime. I’m talking about legal crimes like social media stalking.  

Not all friendships are without their problems. A few common problems are when you feel your close friend is becoming closer to someone else. You don’t feel as important. Or, your friend shares information you didn’t want her to share. Or, she isn’t as readily available as you’d like. Or, your friend didn’t share good or bad news with you first. Problems creep into the friendship when you don’t feel as important to her.  

Realize that to maintain a close friendship; you have to be a good friend. This means that you don’t take your girlfriends for granted. Don’t think she’ll always be there because you’ve been friends for so long. You celebrate her successes, support her during difficult times, tell her that you appreciate what she does for you, and be specific in your appreciation.  

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