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Say cheese! It's National Selfie Day

Shamelessly snap those selfies today. Body language expert Blanca Cobb has a few tips to get the best picture!

Today is a National Selfie Day. If you look at the number of selfies posted on social media daily, you might think that every day is National Selfie Day. There are snapshots of people smiling, vacationing, cooking, driving, and everything in between. It’s no secret that selfies get a bad rap too.

Many people enjoy posting snippets of their lives on social media. A selfie of what you’re doing, wearing, or vacationing is a simpler and faster way of communicating what you’re up to than calling someone, which takes time, energy, and effort. And you can reach many people at once by posting selfies on social media.

Here are a few tips to look fabulous in your selfies. Make sure that you have good lighting. Natural lighting in front of you is ideal. You want to hold the camera at eye-level height or slightly higher. If you look down at the camera, you can have shadows under your chin or double chin, which aren’t flattering. To make your arms look toned, pop an elbow with your hand on your hip. Or keep your arms away from the sides of your body. If not, pressed biceps against your sides can make your arms look wider. Cross your arms across your chest if you want a more buff look.

If you’re not crazy about the traditional selfie looking directly into a camera, then here’s an option for you. You can take a profile selfie against a cool background, such as your vacation spot or what you’re doing. It’s a subtle selfie where you’re in the photo, just not the focal point.

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