GREENSBORO, N.C. — Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday! And people's viewpoints on fathers - both on how people view fathers and how fathers view themselves - are changing.

For decades, fathers have had the stereotype of being the ones that “bring home the bacon” and the mothers “fry it up," meaning moms are better caregivers and housekeepers. But today’s dads want no part of that thinking. 

In Partnership with Cone Health, today’s 2 Your Well Being spotlights a unique program Cone Health offers to help prepare new dads. 

Jerome Wheeler, a Cone Health Daddy Boot Camp instructor, joined Chad Silber to talk about new trends and the Daddy Boot Camp course. 

The course is offered at Women's Hospital in Greensboro and Alamance Regional. It's a course for real dads, taught by recent boot camp graduates, to help new dads learn all things baby. The classes also teach dad how to support mom before, during and after childbirth.

There are plenty of studies that show how children are affected by fatherless homes. The research shows a higher rate of crime down the road and suggests children are less educated. It's proven that boys and girls do better with a father figure in their lives, so the course helps to equip dads with the information they need to stay in the picture from day one. 

In Greensboro, classes are $25 per dad. The next classes are: July 20, September 14, and November 9. To register, click here

In Burlington, classes are free. The next classes are: August 10, October 12, and December 14. To register, click here