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What to do when your kids words and body language doesn't match

Body language expert Blanca Cobb, joins us with advice on understanding how your kid is feeling when they won’t talk to you.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With school in full swing, we're helping you parents connect with your kids so you can make sure that they're doing okay, particularly those kids who aren't too keen about talking about their day with you.

You want to look for differences in body language from how they typically act. What's different? And what happened right before you saw the body language change? What were you talking about?

When you notice a discrepancy between your child's body language and what they say, you should investigate what's happening. If they say they're fine, but their body language says they're not, then you know something is going on.

When you notice a difference in your child's body language, you want to ask a question like, "I'm getting the impression that …" "Correct me if I'm wrong…" You want to ask a question, not make an assumption.

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