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Winston-Salem moms create 'a league of their own' with support classes

Winston-Salem moms start Mom League, offering classes and support for other new moms in the Triad.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Let's face it, being a mom isn't easy. Handling mom duties during a pandemic, made it even more challenging.

A new support group in Winston-Salem strives to make things easier on moms. It's called the Mom League.

Annie Chambers and Kelly Maxey launched the group in May with a 6-week newborn class series.

The course includes help with everything postpartum from lactation to mental health.

Next week they'll wrap up their first ever class. They said the feedback is exactly what they had hoped for.

"It's been I really positive experience so far for a lot of the moms and that just really fuels our fire to create this experience and continuum of being there for moms as they enter each phase of motherhood," Maxey said.

They also plan to hold classes to help through different stages of motherhood including toddler classes. Those would tackle things like potty training and temper tantrums.

In the future, they'd love to have moms and dads nights out as well as play groups for kids.

This was all inspired by Maxey and Chambers going through being moms together during the pandemic. They actually met while out walking around their neighborhood.

"Kelly and I were walking and we bumped into each other and we instantly felt this connection. I think when you see a mom with a stroller, you just kind a know that you will have something in common," Chambers said.

Both said it was important to make sure other moms feel supported during these challenging times.

"There's this massive drop off in care. You have an OB appointment almost every week at the end of your pregnancy, and then all of a sudden here's your baby, we'll see you in six weeks. Good luck. So we really wanted to step in at that crucial time and let the moms come together," Chambers said.

The next newborn series starts July 19 and then another will happen in September. You can register here.

It's recommended you go ahead and sign up if you're pregnant! 

If you're concerned about the money, they said there are scholarship opportunities for families wanting to take the classes.

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