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104-year-old woman shares secrets for a long life

A Chattanooga woman celebrated her 104th birthday on Wednesday.
Selma Vonnoh said that 104 doesn't feel much different than 103, but she does have several secrets for living a long and happy life.

A Chattanooga woman celebrated a very special birthday Wednesday.

Selma Vonnoh, a stroke survivor, turned 104 years old.

Her secrets for long life include keep a clean conscience and always do the right thing.

She had a few simple requests for her birthday, including a new house, a new man, and a new set of teeth. But she understands if those don't all happen.

"I've lived long enough to know I don't know everything, but but I thank God for all that I do know," she said.

Other life lessons Selma had are to not smoke and not drink. And she says if you want something, you better work for it.

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