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2 the Rescue: Meet the Mighty Mousers

Three's a crowd with this adorable group of kittens. Let's get them adopted!

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Meet McGregor, Domino and Broonzy, just three of Burlington Animal Services’ Mighty Mousers. If you have a barn, farm or warehouse and would like some organic and environmentally friendly rodent control, these felines are exactly what you need! 

Mighty Mousers are our feral cats that are not suited for indoor living as a house pet due to their unsocial behavior towards people. 

However, these felines make wonderful barn cats and fulfill an important job of helping to keep rodents away without nasty traps or poisons that can hurt children or other pets.

 Plus, you'll enjoy watching the cats as well as having the satisfaction of giving them a much-needed home! You can adopt 1 or 2 cats (they do better with a friend, so we strongly encourage adopting two!) for only $10 and this includes their spay/neuter and vaccinations. 

Come visit McGregor, Domino and Broonzy, as well as our other feral cats, at Burlington Animal Services, 221 Stone Quarry Rd., Burlington or call 336-578-0343. View all pets at www.burlingtonnc.gov/pets.