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Guilford County animal services provides tips to keep pets safe this holiday

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month and the July 4 holiday can be tough for Animal Services as pet owners seek to locate their runaway pets.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County Animal Services wants to let pet owners know what steps to take with keeping their pets safe this July 4 holiday. 

Noise, bright lights, and vibrations from fireworks can cause severe anxiety for some pets. The animal can seek out places to hide from and escape the unpredictable noise – including running away from home. 

There are steps pet owners can take to help keep their pets safe this holiday: 

  • Ensure your pet is microchipped and is wearing an ID tag – even indoor pets.
  • Choose to keep your pets at home. Dogs can be hypersensitive to noise and vibrations, so it’s very likely your four-legged friend won’t enjoy the fireworks display. It’s best to leave them safely at home, and it’s even better if a loving family member can stay behind to provide comfort.
  • Inside your home, draw the shades, run fans, turn on calming music or white noise, and close windows to better shield your pets from stressors like bright light and loud noises. Help identify a safe space for your pet. For example, dogs are den animals and may feel most safe in a confined, comfortable space like a crate. Fireworks can cause pets to escape a fenced yard or park when frightened.
  • Take your pet out for a walk and for relief before fireworks start or before you leave so they can have a bathroom break and expend some energy in a positive way.
  • Keep your dog or other anxious animal on a leash when outside, especially during the days leading up to the holiday.
  • Do not let your dog go near fireworks, lighter fluid, or matches. Sniffing or eating them could cause serious injury.
  • Talk to your vet about whether your pet needs medication to help control their anxiety. Refrain from using any over-the-counter supplements or drugs, as most do not have proven efficacy and can be detrimental to your pet’s health.
  • Make sure livestock are in a safe area that is fenced and covered.


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