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Meet Molly: 2 the Rescue

Let's get Molly adopted!

Molly is a 5-year-old 50 lb. female pit bull mix. Our friends at Guilford Animal Services said she is a sweetie pie with a unique set of eyes. She was born with one brown eye and one blue eye. Molly's owner surrendered her to the shelter and caretakers believe she would thrive best in a home where she could be the only dog. 

Upon her arrival at the shelter, Molly was a little shy, but she has since then really opened up. Caretakers said Molly is very friendly and outgoing with staff and volunteers. They also said, she loves attention and has the most adorable habit of flopping over on her back and wiggling all around to scratch her back. 

Molly is currently heartworm positive, but note that is a curable condition and it cannot be passed directly to other animals. She qualifies for a 30% voucher for treatment through the shelter's Have A Heart Program.

If you're interested in meeting Molly, visit Guilford County Animal Services' website or call 336-641-3401 for more information!