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Royal family body language breakdown

King Charles III led a solemn procession Wednesday as Queen Elizabeth's coffin left Buckingham Palace for the final time.

Queen Elizabeth II's coffin was taken in a gun carriage procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall Wednesday afternoon.

During the service, the Royal family presented several body language cues. There is a rigid and formal military protocol where you maintain absolute focus. A couple of times, King Charles diverted his eyes to the crowd instead of looking straight ahead as he marched. It made me wonder what might have gotten his attention. Perhaps, the outpouring of love and admiration for his mother, Her Majesty, caught his eye. In this same clip, Prince William momentarily looked down while marching. You tend to look away or down when processing emotions and thoughts.

When it comes to the Fab Four, as they’re often referred to, you’ll notice different facial expressions. Prince William looked down with furrowed eyebrows, whereas Kate blinked quickly momentarily and wore a serious look. A fast blink rate indicates feeling anxiety, which makes sense given the circumstances. On the other hand, Meghan had a softer facial expression and looked like a hint of a smile. Notice that the corners of her lips were asymmetrical, with the left higher than the right. Prince Harry looked straight ahead with an unfocused gaze as if lost in thought.

An interesting observation of King Charles and Prince Harry demonstrating similar body language almost right after each other. King Charles moved his left arm and repositioned his thumb on the cane. Prince Harry’s left arm and thumb shifted as well. Notice the way he moved both arms back slightly as if to ventilate. When dealing with stress and tension, your body will find a way to release pent-up emotions. All members of the Royal family are grieving in the public eye, which adds additional pressure to maintain composure. As with all humans, there’s only so much you can control before your body finds a way to manage stress, which is seen in body language.

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