Today in the WFMY News 2 Kitchen we're cooking up some ideas to elevating that boring breakfast and mix things up with a healthy twist for 2018. Famous Toastery from Winston - Salem joins us and on the menu today: A Mediterranean Frittata and A Breakfast Sandwich. Enjoy!

Mediterranean Frittata

5 oz egg whites

½ cup sliced mushrooms

½ cup spinach

2 oz Feta cheese

2 tomato slices

Add mushrooms an spinach to a medium size pan with a small amount of oil. Sautee on med-low heat until spinach is soft. Add egg whites and cook until eggs are almost completely cooked. Flip and sprinkle Feta cheese on top. Cook two minutes more. Place on plate. Cut tomato slices in half, and place on top of the Frittata in a "pin-wheel" pattern.

Breakfast Sandwich

1 whole wheat or multi grain english muffin

4 oz egg whites

1 cup spinach

1 tomato slice

½ avocado (sliced)

Add spinach to medium pan with a small amount of oil and sautee on medium-low heat until soft. Place spinach aside. Add egg whites to pan with a small amount of oil and cook on medium low heat until eggs are almost done. Flip and cook 2 minutes longer. Using a rubber spatula, fold egg in half, and then fold in half again. Should resemble a quarter circle. Place on toasted English muffin. Add sauteed spinach, sliced tomato and avocado.

Breakfast Sandwich