Peyton from Mission Pizza Napoletana is whipping up some delicious recipes on the Good Morning Show on Saturday!

He's making Cavatelli All'Amatriciana.

Mission Pizza Napoletana is located at 707 Trade St NW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. You can call them at (336) 893-8217.

Make Fresh Cavatelli

12 oz Caputo semolina flour
4 oz Caputo OO flour
8 oz water
Heavy Pinch Salt
Mix flour and make well
Add water to well, incorporating flour as you go
Add water as needed, mixing with flour using a dough scraper
Knead briefly, shape into a ball and cover for 1 hour
Shape into cavatelli using a pasta board or the back of a fork

All'Amatriciana Sauce

Saute guanciale on low until fat is rendered about 20 minutes
Add pancetta and render 10 minutes
Add sopressata and cook until just warm
Heat pan to med and deglaze pan with red wine and reduce by half
Add tomato paste and cook until pasta thickens and darkens a bit in color, about 4 minutes
Add garlic and cherry tomatoes to combine
Add marinara sauce to combine
Add boiled cavatelli, pecorino romano, pasta water, and saute on high until glossy and coated
Add a knob of butter until melted into sauce then plate with oregano, parmigiano, good olive oil