It’s no secret families are taking less time to eat together around the dinner table. But, with the holiday season around the corner, families begin to think about the best ways to gather their loved ones and experience a family meal together. This Thanksgiving, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® is offering tips on how to make family time a priority.

Connecting with family and friends around the table is at the forefront of what keeps people coming through the doors and with Thanksgiving being the restaurant’s busiest day of the year, Cracker Barrel is the Thanksgiving Day expert on everything from the food to the table conversation.

Thanksgiving Traditions: Putting the focus on family

 Focus on family, not food

 Research shows that one in 10 consumers plan to dine out for a Thanksgiving meal, and one in 20 will get a full takeout meal to celebrate the holiday. This year, take the hassle out of meal prep with one of Cracker Barrel’s three Thanksgiving offerings.

 Tame technology use

 It’s almost impossible to completely cut off smartphones; however, try to set aside phone-free time at the dinner table and take family photos before or after the meal.

 Cultivate conversation

 Take time to share family traditions, memories from previous years and talk about what each person is thankful for by using a paper tablecloth and distributing pens to family members to write down a few things then share them aloud.

 Get active or play games

 Go for a post-meal walk, go outside and throw the football around or get out the board games! Playing games together builds camaraderie and provides entertainment and face-to-face togetherness!

 Get creative

 Have kids make handmade place cards for everyone at the table or give them a turkey-themed craft to stay occupied.

This Thanksgiving holiday, Cracker Barrel estimates it will serve approximately:

• 650,000 pounds of turkey

• 8 million ounces of gravy

• 1.6 million ounces of cranberry relish

• 1.1 million slices of pie