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Hurricane Fiona aftermath: Samaritan’s Purse sends its third shipment of supplies to Puerto Rico

A cargo plane with 27 tons of supplies flew out of Greensboro Monday.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Millions in Puerto Rico are still recovering from hurricane Fiona. It wreaked havoc on the island a week ago. 

On Monday, Samaritan's Purse sent more help to the island. Dave Holzhauer with their disaster response unit said Monday's cargo load out of Greensboro is their third shipment to the island.

"We’re sending down rolls of tarp that will be used to cover roofs and windows to prevent flooding," said Holzhauer. We’re also sending down water filtration systems to provide clean water and a lot of cleaning kits for people to be able to clean out their homes after they’ve been flooded." 

Holzhauer said they currently have 16 people assisting families with boots on the ground. Clean water and emergency shelter are critical needs at this time. 

"They’re seeing a lot of damage that first happened with hurricane Maria and then this storm came and it reviled a lot of the weaknesses on the island in terms of the power grid and the water supply," said Holzhauer.  "A lot of people don’t have access to power or clean water."

Samaritan’s Purse has 27 tons of emergency relief supplies that will go all over the island.

Credit: Samaritan's Purse

“We’re primarily focusing on some of the southern and western areas but we are providing tarps and water systems on all parts of the island.”

This is the last shipment the international Christian relief organization plans to send, but their team of people will stay on the island for as long as they're needed. 

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