The coronavirus is bringing out a lot of uncertainty for everyone. But, if you have kids, what do you do if you're feeling sad, scared, angry?  Do you share those feelings with your kids? With older kids, those in middle and high school, you might want to share what's happening. You can't shelter your kids from the harshness of life. You can share on a limited because life isn't always easy. They'll be watching how you're handling the national health crisis. 

I don't think you can stop your kids from worrying. It's a natural response because they can see your stress and they're hearing what's going on in the news. However, you can decrease their worries by what you say and what you do. You can say something like, "I've never been in this type of situation. It's a bit unnerving, but we'll figure out a way. It's for me to worry about. I'm gonna do my best." And then ask them what they're thinking and feeling. They need a way to process their emotions as well. 

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