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Coping with life's daily stressors

Blanca Cobb, who has a master's degree in psychology, discusses managing life's daily stressors.

There’s a lot for us to worry about, such as an increase in COVID infection rates, higher costs of food, gas, and supplies, and an unstable stock market. Some are wondering if we should be worried about monkeypox now too. With all this stress, how can we cope? Here are a few tips to help you out.

The reason some people are more stressed now is that there are some additional stressors. With the war in Ukraine, gas, energy, and food prices are at their highest. Living expenses have increased too. Rent for houses and apartments is seemingly out of control. The stock market continues to be unstable. Many families are trying to pay essential bills without going broke or dipping into their retirement accounts.

Stress is a silent killer because of its impact on your physical and emotional health, from increasing your cortisol, stress hormone, and blood pressure to contributing to heart attacks. Your stress level can impact your ability to reason, leading to harmful mistakes.

You can control your stress by controlling what you can and letting go of what you can’t. You might feel more in control if you have different plans for what to do in certain situations. If your concern is money, which is dominant for almost everyone, then have plans to cut back on expenses. This means that you must be honest about what you need vs. what you want. Go through your weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses and think about what you have to have vs. what you’d like. Making small changes gives you a sense of control, which will help you reduce some of your stress.

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