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Teen interview tips

Body language expert, Blanca Cobb talks about how teens can find jobs.

The recovering economy and unfilled jobs have given many teens an excellent opportunity for summer employment that could continue into the school year.

Being in social isolation and relying on electronics for communication since lock down might have you feeling a bit awkward in social settings. Texting and messaging on different social apps have emphasized emojis to convey emotions and short and abbreviated messages. In-person interviews require a conversation with explanations and details. It can feel a little awkward to have in-person conversations, particularly in a job interview.

When you’re feeling nervous, your body finds a way to deal with the stress or nervousness. To release the tension, you might fidget, constantly move in your chair, swing your foot, tap your fingers. Although feeling nervous in an interview is natural, it can come across as non-confident, particularly if you’re giving short answers.

An interview isn’t an interrogation. An interview is a conversation between you and a hiring manager. A talk to get to know you, find out about your experiences and your interests in the job. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions about the position and what you hope to get from the job. Getting work experience is a great answer. Remember that a conversation is more relaxed, which means that you can show your personality and smile.

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