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I made a terrible judgement call: My 2 Cents

Chad Silber opens up about a mistake he made when talking to a stranger and how he plans to learn from it

GREENSBORO, N.C. — I need to talk about something that happened over the weekend. It's a story that I'm rather embarrassed about, but I think it's good to talk about.

I was at the food truck festival in downtown Greensboro when a man approached me and my friend in the parking lot. He said, "Can I ask you a question?"

Before he could say anything further, I said, "I'm sorry I can't help you."

Honestly, I assumed he was going to ask for money. My friend had more compassion than I did and asked him what he wanted. He simply wanted to know whether the parking lot was requiring people to pay for parking.

My heart sank. I felt so guilty. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

I guess I'm just so used to people asking for money while walking downtown or at the gas station or really anywhere these days, that I assumed that's what he wanted.

Where was my compassion? Why did I assume he was asking for money?

I thought about that moment for a while. I wish I could get a do-over, a chance to make it right.

You might be wondering why I'm sharing this story. It makes me look bad. But I think it's important that we talk about mistakes, since we all make them.

Instead, I'm going to use that low moment and learn from it. I'm going to try my hardest to do better – to BE better. For me, but also for that man who certainly didn't deserve the way I treated him.

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