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The fascination with the Royal family

Although the Royal family are real people, their life is a fantasy of storybooks and dreams.

According to the BBC, more than 13 million people watched Prince Philip's funeral service this past Saturday. And more than 49 million watched Oprah Winfrey's interview with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. These numbers show that the people are drawn to the Royal family.

Although the Royal family are real people, their life is a fantasy of storybooks and dreams. Think of princess stories, where princes save young girls who then become princesses and live happily ever after. Many people perceive a royal life as one of prestige, such as living in castles. For almost all, royal life is unattainable. People are curious to see if their vision of royalty is reality.

I watched Prince Philip's funeral service and noticed that Prince William and Prince Harry's strides were aligned. When you're emotionally connected or in sync with someone, then your body language becomes in sync. Even though the Royal brothers' relationship might be a bit awkward at the moment, it's evident to me that they're still emotionally bonded. This makes sense because you can still love your sibling even if you don't get along.

Watching body language in public settings can help you understand people. Specifically, what fits and what doesn't fit in the setting. When looking at people, you're observing to understand what's happening. In the video of Harry and William, look at the people in front of them and watch their strides. And compare that to the brothers. Notice the couple have aligned strides also. This gives you a sense of the relationship of the couple.

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