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The stress of traveling for the holidays

Blanca Cobbs shares a few common situations and how to handle them.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When you think of holiday travel, you tend to think of people jostling for space on airplanes. But, there are different headaches that happen in the terminal and not the planes. Sometimes, you might want to record the memory of your trip by filming while walking on the plane. The problem is that some people don't want to be on film. So, something with good intentions can backfire on you. For example, I was on a flight recently where a guy was filming as he walked on the plane. The flight attendant asked him to delete if he had filmed the crew or the flight attendant. He said that it was already on the internet. Filming people who don't want to be can cause an unexpected problem.

You can have travel headaches if people are a little too nice or friendly. For example, you might meet someone on your flight or in the terminal who wants to talk, or they might get a little flirtatious with you. As you're walking, you might want to duck into the restroom or a store, so it's a natural way to depart from the person. Remember that you don't have to engage in any conversation just to be nice. Be polite, but don't feel like you have to engage.

Remember that there isn't privacy on an airplane. Just because planes have high back seats doesn't mean you have privacy. Sound travels, so be careful what you're saying because someone can hear you. If you're not feeling social, then make sure you're showing signs that you're not interested in talking. This doesn't mean to be rude. It means to keep to yourself. If you're wearing a ball cap, pull it over your eyes slightly. Put on a headphone or AirPods. Get busy on your phone. Read a book or magazine. Lean your head back on the seat and close your eyes.

It's Thanksgiving week, and many of us are packing bags and heading to visit with family. Or, you're busy getting your home ready for guests and a Thanksgiving feast. With family, there might be mixed feelings about seeing certain people. Here are a few common situations with ideas on how to handle them.

Thanksgiving tends to be a short holiday. How can you enjoy time with family, even if it's short-lived? When you haven't seen certain family members in a long time, you can get stuck on your lack of time instead of enjoying the present. It's important to focus on their company and creating new memories, reminisce about past times, and then wallow in the lack of time because it robs the present.

If only everyone could make it to Thanksgiving. Sometimes, it doesn't happen for various reasons, from work obligations to lack of money to travel. If someone can't be there, find a time that they might be able to FT so everyone can say hello. Send them a care package to let them know you're thinking of them. And if possible, plan a time when you can see each other.

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